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Frequently Asked Questions :)


Do I need Dance Shoes?

Yes! You need them! :)

Not only do they protect your knees, joints, and body

(no tears in your meniscus please!), you will spin, turn, and dance easier and better!

Sliding and gliding will make you a better partner, too.


As an ambassador for my favorite dance shoe brand, Fuego, I recommend starting with them!

They are my favorite for a reason - a minimalist and fashionable dance sneaker that takes you from city sidewalk to dance floor in comfort.

Click the link below for

10% off!

If you prefer a classic style I recommend these as a comfortable and reasonable starter shoe:

Where are you located?

Our LA Salsa and Bachata dance classes are located in West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Westwood,

Culver City, and Mar Vista.

Always in beautiful studios with clean, welcoming environments for your comfort and safety. The dance classes are easy access from Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Venice, West Hollywood, Mid-City, Westchester, Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista, and anywhere on the Westside!

(Although many students travel

far and wide!)

This season classes will be hosted here:

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Do I need a partner?

No, you don't. Most people take the classes on their own personal growth journey to learn a new skill, develop a new hobby and healthy habits, and to meet new people!

In class we rotate partners every few minutes so everyone gets a chance to connect and dance

with everyone.

Also, I personally dance with each and every student each class, and while we're out on the town dancing to offer personalized feedback. You get the benefits of a private lesson, but in a group setting in real time while you're on the dance floor!

What level should I take?

Unless you've had a high level of training with technical aspects, I recommend starting with a level 1 class.

Great technique is taught from the beginning here, so you're learning the correct way the first time. Even experienced dancers who have been dancing for years consistently take this class, and get a

lot of value from it. 

From footwork, to specific hand preps, body posture, details in connection and styling - all of it is covered in depth so you feel the success of dancing with a partner quickly and easily!

If you'd like to learn combinations with quick changes of direction, and are ready for a challenge level 2 is for you!

What if I have Anxiety?

Most people who come to dance classes experience some level of anxiety around learning to dance.

Feel comforted knowing that most of the students are just like you! The environment in class is nurturing, fun, and safe.

If group classes still seem overwhelming, I recommend starting with a private lesson so you have an idea of what to expect in class, and then try out a group class. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly you'll want to stay!

Where do you go out dancing?

Several times every month I personally take my students out on the town! It's one of the things that sets this learning experience apart. You will get personal attention every step of the way - from class to 

dance floor.

LA is one of the best cities in the world to dance salsa and bachata. There's a different event or place to go every evening, and you will always find a partner out dancing even if you're not out with the academy.

Curating the best places in town, you will fulfill your visions of what your new life as a dancer out on the town in LA looks like! From dancing in places with live bands, to speakeasies, sunsets on the beach with your dance family, to the most popular spots in town, to dance festivals, you will discover all of the best places to dance with your new friends from class!

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